About N3

Large Farm Enterprise

Dairy Farms and CAFO's face significant challlenges in order to comply with State and Federal regulation as well as pressure from environmental bodies. N3 can help you meet these requirements and derive real financial & practical benefit from better nutrient management.

Soil Testing

N3 samples soil, manure, crop, and water to provide accurate testing and data. Effective nutrient management relys on accurate information derived from soil and manure testing.

Hobby Farms and Small Holdings

Smaller landowners are increasingly subject to rigourous controls over polution and waste management. N3 can help with simple practical Farm Plans to satisfy county critical area standards. We can also provide advice and record keeping to satisfy the regulations and provide cost effective peace of mind.


N3 helps farmers stay up to date with the newest regulations and policies, by staying involved with regulators and farming lobbying groups.

Business Development Manager

David Haggith

David has worked in Washington State since 1999 involved in all aspects of crop and manure management on dairy farms, other livestock farms, and small hobby farms. He has specialised in the creation and implementation of Nutrient Management Plans on 250 dairy farms accross Washington state. He has been an influential member of a number of forums where policy is decided at both county and state level and has gained a great deal of valuable knowledge on how best to meet the tough environmental legislation while operating a profitable and efficient farm enterprise.

He has worked for several non-farming businesses assisting with environmental impact and polution assessments.

David has extensive agronomy and farm management expertise having worked for over a decade for the Velcourt Farming Company, the largest and most technically advanced farming operation in the UK.

Chief Public Relation Officer

Fred Likkel


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Testing Your Farm


Know what your soils need and monitor the effects of your manure management. N3 will take spring and/or fall tests for Soil Nutrients using GPS precision technology.

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Record Keeping


N3 can put in place a simple record keeping system that fulfills the requirements of your farm plan. N3 will also accompany you on WSDA inspections to help to interpret your records. N3 expertise helps ensure that your records fulfill EPA Confined Animal Feeding Operations rule requirements.

Management Plans

Nutrient Vs. Land

N3 continues to provide support and practical assistance to farmers and landowners through review of existing Nutrient Management Plans. We are happy to use any existing documentation and update or modify to meet regulations. N3 also offers a planning service to help keep your general farm safety up to State L&I expectations and beyond.

ARMS Worksheet

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The ARMS worksheet will help you decide on what steps to take for applying your manure. If you press the submit button at the bottom of the page your farms data it will be sent to the Whatcom Conservation District.


Email: dh@n3consulting.com
Phone: 360 815 4851
Website: www.n3consulting.com
Address: 5685 Bench Lane, Everson, WA98247

N3 staff have a combined experience of over 50 years in nutrient management.

N3 planners have been trained to help you meet state regulations.

N3 has written more of Washington State’s Certified Dairy Nutrient Management Plans than any other private organization and most Conservation Districts.

N3 consultants are certified agronomists.

N3 is a private partnership of three farming and agronomy specialists all of whom have experience of practical farming & management