Testing on Your Farm

Soil Testing

Know what your soils need and monitor the effects of your manure management. N3 will take spring and/or fall tests for Soil Nutrients using GPS precision technology. 55lbs/acre of Nitrate Nitrogen may continue to be the limit on grass for the future. How close are you to achieving it? Find out and be prepared.

Manure Testing

Using your manure as a fertilizer means you need to know its analysis:

  • N3 samples and tests manure.
  • N3 sells farm test kits recommended by WSU.
  • N3 calibrates manure equipment to measure applications more effectively.

Forage Testing

How are your crops performing? How much N are you removing in crop protein? Discover the highs and lows on your farm.

Water Testing

The environmental bottom line is “are you polluting?”  Find out with N3 water testing and document your good performance.


N3 helps you to interpret test results, examining the implications for your unique dairy farm circumstances in the short and long term.

N3 – Keeping it simple to make a significant impact.

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